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Electrical Design Engineering Training Program

Professional Training and continuous guidance to all the Engineering Graduates

Hyderabad Institute of Electrical Engineering (HIEE) provides training on the best Industrial Job Oriented Courses for Electrical Engineers. After completion of this Electrical Engineering Training program the candidate will get the certification and we also assist them in getting the best Electrical Engineering Jobs.

Our Job Oriented Courses for Electrical Engineers gives you an in-depth knowledge on every single concept and are good enough to start their career as an Electrical Engineer or Electrical Design Engineer.

Our Electrical Engineering Courses are highly advanced and we pride ourselves in standing out with a top record of Electrical Engineering Jobs in Hyd. Viewing at the huge demand for good engineers our aim is to ensure that the candidates are trained to fulfill the requirements of top-notch MNCs.

Detailed scope our  training program ( Index )

Introduction :

  • Single phase system and poly phase system and their importance
  • Power generation, Transmission, Distribution and utilization
  • Exposure to IS, IEC and IEEE Standards
  • Coordination With Other Disciplines
  • Process Engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Instrumental Engineers

Development of Single line diagram (SLD) :

  • Key SLD
  • Symbols in SLD
  • Substation SLd
  • Solar plant SLD
  • Metering and Control diagrams

Control Schematics :

  • Introduction
  • Block Diagram
  • Typical Schematics for Motor Feeder
  • Typical Schematics for Power Feeder

Fault Calculation :

  • Types of Faults
  • Short Circuit calculation

Equipment Sizing, Selection :

  • Generator
  • Transformer
  • Power capacitor banks
  • Instrument Transformer(CT/PT)
  • DC Battery & Battery charger
  • UPS Sizing
  • Switch gears

Cable Sizing And Selection :

  • Power cable and control cable introduction
  • Cable selection
  • Cable sizing for LV/HV System
  • Voltage drop calculation
  • Cable schedule
  • Cable interconnection schedule
  • Selection and sizing of cable tray

Substation/Switchyard Design :

  • Introduction
  • Type Of Sub Stations
  • Types of various bus arrangement
  • Preparation of SLD.
  • Substation clearances
  • Preparation of Layout
  • Earthing of Substations

Illumination Design :

  • Introduction
  • Type of Lighting Fixtures
  • Preparing Of Fixture Schedule
  • Indoor Illumination Calculation
  • Outdoor Illumination Calculation
  • Calculation On Software
  • Lighting Layout Design
  • Lighting Installation Detail
  • Small Power Selection
  • Lighting Board Schedule

Earthing & Lightening Protection Design :

  • Requirement of Earthing in Industrial Plants
  • Earthing Design Calculations
  • Earthing Installations Details
  • Type Of Earthing Details
  • Earthing Layout Design
  • Lightening Protection Requirement
  • Lightening Protection Calculation
  • Lightening Installation Details
  • Lightening Layout Design
  • Lightening Layout Design

Solar PV Power plant Design :

  • Module selection and sizing
  • Inverter selection and sizing
  • Dc cable selection and sizing
  • PV Syst software training
  • AC DC system design
  • Layout prepation
  • SLD Preparation
  • Mini project
  • Type Of Solar Plants
  • Equipment Selection
  • AC, DC distribution system design

Site Visits :

  • Substation
  • Switchgear Panel Industry
  • Solar PV Power plant

Softwares :

  • Auto CAD 2D
  • PV Syst
  • Google SketchUp

Experience the professional zest of learning Electrical Design Courses with HIEE and explore the plethora of Electrical Engineering Jobs to chase your dreams of becoming an Electrical Engineer.

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