ECE Course

Job Oriented Course on Embedded systems for 3 Months (ECE Course):
Eligibility Criteria B.Tech/M.Tech/Diploma
Course Duration 3 Months
Certificate Will be Provided

Month - 1
Foundations and Sensor Integration

Week 1-2
Introduction to Embedded Systems

Overview, Basics of Microcontrollers

Embedded System Architecture

Hands-on with Arduino and Sensor Integration

Week 3-4
Advanced Sensor Integration and Programming

Advanced Arduino Programming

Integrating Various Sensors, Sensor Fusion

Project: Smart Environmental Monitoring System

Month - 2
IoT Integration and Communication Protocols

Week 1-2
Introduction to IoT and Communication Protocols

Overview of IoT, Cloud Platforms

Communication Protocols (UART, SPI, I2C)

Hands-on: Sending Sensor Data to the Cloud

Week 3-4
Advanced IoT Concepts and Circuit Breaker Switching

IoT Security, Advanced Cloud Integration

Introduction to Circuit Breakers

Project: IoT-enabled Home Automation System

Month - 3
Monitoring, Control, and Final Project

Week 1-2
Monitoring and Control in Embedded Systems

Real-time Monitoring and Visualization

Actuation and Control Mechanisms

Hands-on: Controlling Devices with Embedded Systems

Week 3-4
Project Development and Presentation

Project Planning and Design

Implementation and Troubleshooting

Final Project Presentation and Demonstration

Q&A, Course Review, and Certificate Distribution